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Teknotopia never happens, Star Trek never happens, even Space 1999 doesn't happen. There is a small chance that 2001 may happen by 2050. The human ape starts going extinct by 2100. A million other species will go extinct before then. The human ape never becomes an interplanetary species and never develops the capability for any self sufficient, self sustaining, permanent, off-planet, habitat. As the planet needs to unify as one, it is fragmenting into 7.7 Billion individual pieces. As the human ape population increases, carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4 emissions increase. The CO2 density at surface level reaches concentrations high enough to affect mental development and manifest in symptoms of long term CO2 over exposure: dullness, frustration, inability to concentrate, growing violent rage, insanity. The technology for space travel will gradually be lost. Open Air Farming (OAF) starts failing with the changes in the growing environment, less fresh water, temperature extremes of hot and cold, droughts, flash floods, storms of the century becoming annual, then multiple times annually. The Geomagnetic Reversal Null will be occurring in the same time frame, the magnetic shield going down to zero, the solar wind impacting the Earth's surface. All this is writing on the wall, chiseled in stone. The decision to jump off a cliff with no parachute was made in 1900.
Population > Resources = Extinction