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3D Tek Lab is a consulting service with the 3D Printer Arcade providing rapid prototyping capability. The 3D Printer Arcade is located in old Hilo-town .

Kaptain Koder is a 3D Computer Graphics Artist and former electronics engineer. Partial inspiration for the 3D Printer Arcade came from watching Blade Runner and noticing a Replicant parts fabrication and genetic engineering store on every street corner. This is the beginning of Replicant technology. 
Kaptain Koder
I remember first hearing about 3D printing over 30 years ago but it was very exotic and expensive then. I also found 3D modeling and 3D animation around the same time, which became a huge consuming hobby. Now, these are all combining at a totally affordable level.  It only takes the knowledge and experience to realize this is a Matter Replicator MK0, the equivalent to the Model-T, compared to the Matter Replicator MK5 coming in 2020. I now have about 3 years of  hands-on with 3D printing in plastic, known as FDM, fused deposition modeling, with multiple filament types.

I also started this company because I burn to a crisp in direct sun for longer than 15 minutes, without SPF 30 sun block and I can't spend every day on the beach all day. The sun block is killing coral reefs but more are being killed by hot pockets of ocean from Chaotic Global Warming.