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This is Coconut Valley, not Silicon Valley
When the methods of production exceed the demand from consumption, abundance follows

Teknotopia is a cyberpunk contraction of Technology and Utopia.  Teknotopia is a concept that technology and Nature can achieve a mutual balance, although not a perfect harmony.  As human apes, we must leave a footprint where we walk, and must alter our environment to survive.  The mantra of Teknotopia is to tread lightly but swiftly, combining technology and ecology through a mutual balance, with as small of an Anthropocene footprint as possible.

The hypothesis of this site is that Hawaii island is where Teknotopia can develop, a sustainable, technically realistic, virtual paradise on Earth, knowing Hawaii island is the navel of this planet. (This is dependent on earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, hurricanes, typhoons and nuclear winter not wiping out the island for the near future).

The long term goals for Teknotopia are S.M.I.I.L.E - Space Migration, Increased Intelligence, Life Extension. (pronounced "smy-squared-eh-lee") progressing towards the ultimate insurance policy that Hawaii island is uninhabitable for one reason or another. This site will consolidate developments leading to progress with these goals as well as how the system structure of Teknotopia develops over time.

Recent findings: On Hawaii island, we stand over 500GW of electric power and pure glacial water that is quadruple the known ground aquifer water.There is enough electric power and pure water to make Hawaii island a garden paradise. (With solar PV panels and battery storage, these resources don't need to be tapped.)


Space Exploration Lessons

Telepresence Avatar flying in to Shackleton crater landing site
shackleton crater landing

Planetary consciousness is to be aware of being on a tiny grain of silicon-iron rotating and wobbling through space every second of every day (and night).

The Moon is the stepping stone to Deep Space. Babies must crawl before they run and jump.

One-way space travel is not crazy if the first ship is a cargo ship that contains a self assembling outpost.

Never mix cargo and humans on one ship: cargo for cargo ships, transport ships for humans.

The captured asteroid should be put in Moon orbit for processing on the surface of the Moon.

Continue symbolic manned landing on Mars by 2035, Mars is too far away for emergencies.

In the meantime, develop telepresence automated mining operations on the Moon.

"NASA is out of Low Earth Orbit (LEO)" - Charles Bolden

Charles Bolden, NASA Director 3-13-15

LEO is being turned over to private spaceflight -- This is a historic moment in human history.

LOX (O2) + LNG (CH4) =  THRUST+  (Hint: Needs Basalt Outer layer Carbon Composite tanks.

2017: Good progress. First year of private enterprise entering orbital space. Cislunar starting to happen.

2018: Bizarro universe year. Maybe things work out, maybe they don't. The North Pole melted in 2017.

Electric Cars

Electric cars will work in Hawaii, especially on Hawaii island because the requirements aren't the same that is limiting electric car acceptance on the mainland. By electric, this means battery and fuel cell electric cars. Honda already has solar powered fuel cell stations in Japan. The battery electric car works in Hawaii because the range anxiety isn't there. Most local travel is going to be under 50 miles one-way. Every day charging is just topping it off. In Hawaii, it is possible to use solar PV panels with battery storage as a self-service fuel station, where the individual is the owner. No reliance on the utility or utility rates, the panels are on wheels and can be rolled out into the yard, no permits needed. If the yearly usage was normally about $1500 per year on gasoline, then the solar generator is paid off in two years. Every year after, buying no gasoline (or oil changes) would mean a $1500 discount in the price of the car.

Food and Agriculture

There is a new paradigm for farming and agriculture. It is vertical farming, challenging  the practice that large flat land and soil are necessary to grow vegetables and fruit. 3D Tek Lab has coined the term "solarhydroponic vertical farming" to describe a vertical farming greenhouse specifically designed for Hawaii. More details will become available when in full production. This is why Hawaii is ideal for closed building vertical farming.  There is plenty of sunlight to convert to electricity for colored LED lighting. This will allow for controlled growing days with controlled spectrum light, leading to more efficient growth, allowing for a wider range of crops to be grown in Hawaii. Drip irrigation with timed pumps is much more efficient.

Solar panels for LED lighting, pumps, fans

solar to led

Vertical Farm in Japan


Growtainer, hydroponic in a container


  Technology Resources

Hawaii is at a very strategic location, the nearest port for polymetallic nodules from the ocean floor, lower cost titanium tailings from Australia and midway between Asia and North America. The polymetallic nodules are rich in copper, nickel, manganese. The technology exists to manufacture a deep depth underwater ROV to selectively pick these nodules without disturbing the sea floor. Hawaii doesn't have or want the smelting capability, but it is a good point for transfer of nodules from barge to ship. Partnership with Japan would result in much less cost for critical material manufacturing stock.



Volcanoes are more primordial than life. Volcanoes bring matter up from the core and through the layers of the mantle. We see this as basalt. Basalt is basically about 50% silicon oxide or sand. It is the other 50% that makes it an almost magical material, a composite of minerals. Those who make basalt molten and shape it to their needs and wants, become Vulcans. Much more on basalt coming.

Increased Intelligence

This is being called nootropics in Silicon Valley. This is very risky since it is using unproven supplements and chemicals to essentially over-clock the brain, like over-clocking a PC CPU. Just as with PC's, overclocking can lead to overheating and burning out. Some smart pills exist and there are other methods proving to accelerate thought processes.  Computers that operate more like the human brain will also augment human intelligence. Trans-Cranial Stimulation (TCS) is proving to accelerate numerical calculations and memory associations, resulting in increased idea generation. HP has recently announced "The Machine" which is a totally new computer architecture based  on operating more like the human brain than existing binary computers. Devices like Augmented Reality (AR) headsets will provide the bio interface to the artificial intelligence computer neural network.

Life Extension

There are several rapid developments happening. Google (Alphabet) just created a life sciences division. It is becoming understood how telomeres shorten with each cell division and the introduction of telomerase restores telomeres.  Since it is about aging, it will take time to see if various reversal technologies are working.  Resveratrol does not stop aging but it does seem to slow down skin and muscle tone aging. A glass of red wine and lots of red grapes can be used as supplements. There have been two major breakthrough causes of aging found and it appears it is now possible to reverse aging. Mitochondrial DNA has been seen to be passing from one cell to another, via a nanotube. It's very curious how some viruses also have the appearance of nanotechnology construction. Nature uses nanotechnology naturally and we are starting to be able to duplicate those structures. 

Regenerative Medicine

The age of cutting off body parts as the only option in medicine is finally being replaced by regenerative medicine technology, many parts now starting to be 3D printed replacement parts. The very real possibility of replacement limbs is on the horizon. Wherever 3D printing begins to be used, leads to more advances and discoveries. 

What is the purpose of life?

The question presumes there is a purpose.

The simple answer is to seek truth, happiness and enlightenment.