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This is a blog about Ted's Excellent Adventures in 3D Printing and other stuff! 
Favorite Star Trek quote: "I'm not sure yet just what kind of world I can use." - Gary Mitchell
Stardate 2019.01 - Earth is starting to wobble on its rotation axis.

Stardate 2018.12 - Following developments regarding negative mass.
Stardate 2018.11 - Exploring galactic rim.
Stardate 2018.10 - Learning more about photogrammetry.
Stardate 2018.09 - Time of Lono. Beautiful Hawaii, once again.
Stardate 2018.08 - Eruption stops. Hurricane starts.
Stardate 2018.07 - US Geological Service says eruption to last for years
Stardate 2018.06 - Eruption. Earthquakes. All systems nominal.
Stardate 2018.05 - Earthquakes. Eruption.
Stardate 2018.04 - Rain. Binge watched 7 years of the Sopranos.
Stardate 2018.03 - Rain.
Stardate 2018.02 - Rain.

Stardate 2018.01 - Reprimand message from Space Corps regarding Kaptain's blog. Make arbitrary new year's resolution to cut back on the drinking of Rigelian Sand Worm vomit. It doesn't sound good but it's delicious.
Stardate 2017.12 - Winter Solstice Week celebration

Stardate 2017.11 - Reviewing Einstein's publication chronology
1905 - Special Theory of Relativity
1915 - General Theory of Relativity
1920 - Ether and General Relativity
1932 - Retraction of Cosmological Constant
1935 - Einstein-Rosen Bridge
1950 - General Theory of Gravitation

Stardate 2017.10 - Federation under attack. No time for log.

Stardate 2017.09 - Spending a lot of time contemplating the function of a Vortex Drive. Thinking about trying TPU, the plastic water bottles are made of, need for durability and functionality.

Stardate 2017.08 - Making kaptain's log, Just In Time (JIT).  All kinds of developments going on, the missile warhead intercept is starting to work well, and it could be obsolescence of the nuclear ballistic missile. The specific technologies being use are sublimely high-tech. Can't get enough Tek.

Stardate 2017.07 - Learning about quantum mechanics and thermodynamics, following developments, interesting term has showed up, "magnetocentrifugal". LOL, you know, geek humor.