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This is a blog about Ted's Excellent Adventures in 3D Printing! 
With the assistance of my minions and power ring

Stardate 2018.01 - Reprimand message from Space Corps regarding Kaptain's blog. Make arbitrary new year's resolution to cut back on the drinking of Rigelian Sand Worm vomit. It doesn't sound good but it's delicious.
Stardate 2017.12 - Winter Solstice Week celebration

Stardate 2017.11 - Reviewing Einstein's publication chronology
1905 - Special Theory of Relativity
1915 - General Theory of Relativity
1920 - Ether and General Relativity
1932 - Retraction of Cosmological Constant
1935 - Einstein-Rosen Bridge
1950 - General Theory of Gravitation

Stardate 2017.10 - Federation under attack. No time for log.

Stardate 2017.09 - Spending a lot of time contemplating the function of a Vortex Drive. Thinking about trying TPU, the plastic water bottles are made of, need for durability and functionality.

Stardate 2017.08 - Making kaptain's log, Just In Time (JIT).  All kinds of developments going on, the missile warhead intercept is starting to work well, and it could be obsolescence of the nuclear ballistic missile. The specific technologies being use are sublimely high-tech. Can't get enough Tek.

Stardate 2017.07 - Learning about quantum mechanics and thermodynamics, following developments, interesting term has showed up, "magnetocentrifugal". LOL, you know, geek humor.

Stardate 2017.06 - Just a comment that it is good news to see agreement across the board that Deep Space Gateway is funded line item program. Here, working on photogrammetry 3D scanning to get more detail like jewelry size level, along with larger point clouds. Getting close now. Always lots of other stuff going on, including thinking about a personal mitigation system to address rising ocean levels.

Stardate 2017.05 - Started finishing up multiple target projects. Been working with 3D scanning more, been fiddling with it for 3 years. All the sensor cameras have many limitations, plus the software support keeps disappearing. Photogrammetry is the way to go to get high detail and texture map. The software is getting better but it is still a matter of how stable it is, how long will it be supported, and now, everybody is using the "cloud". That sucks, I prefere stand-alone apps, especially for 3D.

Stardate 2017.04 - 3D printing a couple Hawaiian birds to take to a tech presentation. Several other projects going on with an underwater turbine that looks very  promising. Finding out many outstanding history clarifications that are going to require intense study.

Stardate 2017.03 - Experiencing VR time dilation. Moments go by in VR, weeks and months have gone by in the Real Reality. Working on many updates.  

Stardate 2017.02 - Kaptain Koder missing in action.

Stardate 2017.01 - Entry in, under the wire, time keeps slipping.  Spending more time in VR, seems more real than what is happening in the maddening time. Developing a 6D microfab concept, skipping by the MK IV 3D Printer and going straight to a MK V prototype by the end of the year.

Stardate 2016.12 - Seems we have entered into the Twilight Zone.

Stardate 2016.11 - Virtual Reality (VR), the next best thing to being there. Also a method enabling astral projection into alternative universes.  Also, complete disconnect from Real Time. Starting to make progress on multiple Teknotopia projects.  Regenerative Medicine experimentation starting to work in multiple areas. SENS, a technology to flush senescent cells is rapidly advancing. Gigantic leaps in robotics and Artificial Intelligence are growing up an exponential ramp. Human history made in 2016 is going to be surpassed in 2017, either upward or downward.

Stardate 2016.10 - Experiencing spacial-temporal folding event, where time advanced ahead of the reference frame. 

Stardate 2016.09 -  Have begun laying up basalt mesh on 3D printed plastic components. This is getting interesting. Next is start testing in ocean water. Watch out Captain Nemo, 3D Tek Lab is coming to get you.
Stardate 2016.08 - SLS (selective laser sintering) for plastic is emerging as open source systems. Also, SLA (stereolithographic apparatus) is becoming open source with major reductions in cost to build.More later.

Stardate 2016.07 - Starting a Download page for Medical Anatomy Models, educational and VR oriented with replicant technology development.

Stardate 2016.06 - There are so many things going on, like stentrode technology for deep brain monitoring and investigations if the brain dead can be brought back to life. Some kind of breakthrough has happened with induced pluripotent embryonic stem cells (iPS) from adult stem cells. It isn't just the ability to take adult stem cells back to their embryonic level but to grow large cultures of them in suspension, rather than bonded to each other. Very cool.

Stardate 2016.05 - Somehow missed the Kaptain's log for Stardate 2016.04. Investigating UV SLA 3D printing, it looks like the direction for 2017. FDM isn't going to go away but it is very slow. Recent advances in high intensity UV LED panels remove the cumbersome and hot DLP projector.

Stardate 2016.03 - 3D Printers are stripped down specialized limited operational envelope robots. 3D printers can print/build the parts for a Robot Arm that becomes a 3D printer. The resulting Robot Arm 3D Printer can build parts for more Robot Arm 3D Printers but with a bigger build envelope than the original 3D printer. Interesting outcomes to muse upon. 

Stardate 2016.02 - Time to make an entry before the month is over. Moving into a new house and putting the old one up for sale tends to keep a person busy. It looks like SLA with low viscosity resin is not too far away. The new resins have very near injection molded strength. I am staying with FDM for the time being but the SLA can result in 3D print times a fraction of FDM. FDM does appear better for 3D printing tissue cultures. So many things going on.

Stardate 2016.01 - I was thinking about robot arms as 3D printers 3 years ago. They are starting to come out in force. Realizing cartesian and delta 3D printers are essentially stripped down, limited function robots makes the Robot Arm 3D Printer the next step in 3D printer evolution. With a new paradigm approach to Robot Arm design, many previous technical hurdles fall to the way side. This is an important event to note. This is the beginning of the Robot Revolution.  2015 was a big moment in history, when robots acquired 3D volume and motion vision plus persistent cloud connection with an expert system.  Everything is coming together, what I call Synergistic Synchronization.

Stardate 2015.12 - This blog is primarily 3D printing. Heard something that is putting me into a coma. One second per layer.

Stardate 2015.11 - Kaptain's log missing.

Stardate 2015.10 - Fascinating new approach to robot arms, blowing my mind. Stronger, faster, cheaper.  Big developments happening with small shop 3D bioprinters, too fast to even type about.

Stardate 2015.09 - Making progress on AR headset concept.

Stardate 2015.08 - Still not open but got a new client. The idea seemed mundane at first but it has some really intriguing possibilities in other areas. It's all about the ideas. On the delta now.  MK 4 concept coming together.
Rat limb grown in petri dish
This actually happened in June, the initial reveal. Re-Animator technology is here. These first few starting steps are already amazing. There has been an announcement that cellulose is now being successfully 3D printed. These provide a better matrix than the salvaged collagen from cadavers. There are so many developments happening so fast now, and they still seem to take too long. The design suite is still being rearranged, while achieving some huge personal accomplishments.

Stardate 2015.07 -
What days (and nights) in Hawaii feel like.
Working on development of a MK4 generation 3D printer, concept only. Approaching success on a very big project, awaiting the technology to become available.  This may become a separate subject by itself. Working on a presentation for Hawaiicon, maybe more, maybe not enough time.

June 2015 - So many developments happening so rapidly now. I have completed calibrations on my delta 3D printer, huzzah! The new filaments are starting to hit the street. The bronze filament is really nice for sculptures. There is rapid development with 3D printed shells covered with composite mesh. Going to start looking into that.

May 2015 - Big advance towards this Nexus 7 technology, the Chinese have started human trials for 3D printed bone. 3D Printed Bone Human Trials
Multiple breakthroughs in dissolving supports for cellular 3D bioprinting have occurred in the past month.  On the street level, 3d printing in plastic still makes sense, anything that can be 3D printed in plastic can be 3D printed in metal or organ cells or graphene or any other material. It is still fast and the best way to do a test print before committing to more costly finals.

April 2015 - Almost ready to open, even though the new station is in progress. The big news is that nylon filament has been food safe tested and can be put in the dishwasher. This makes them suitable for end products. Many other developments going on. Medical applications are skyrocketing, either replacing body parts entirely or providing working models to examine before surgery. This is happening in China since they don't have a huge bureaucratic FDA to wade through.

March 2015 - Another month already. Working on too many things makes time slip by too fast. The goal is to open the design studio by the middle of this month. It takes quite awhile to get the computers and machines all configured, updated, almost there. 3D photogrammetry developments leading to large target 3D scanning. So many possibilities there. Good progress on the design studio, turning out very sweet.

February 2015 - Time seems to have a velocity -- supersonic. Thinking of changing my name to Frank N. Stein, been trying to revive a nearly dead hard drive for almost 3 weeks, with 4 power outages during multiple day cloning effort. Then the storm hit! At least, the design studio is very near to opening.

January 2015 - Began 3D Tek Lab LLC. Wow, big news! PLA is being used as part of the lattice structure for bone replacement fabrication.
How 3D Printing Can Build New Bone
So many developments happening, too hard to keep up. Embedded electronics in 3D print designs are going to be transformative.

December 2014 - There are many more types of  3D printing filament material becoming available. The metal filaments in combination with the carbon reinforced filament raises many intriguing prospects for investigation. The new design studio is encountering multiple non-technical glitches, and delayed to January for opening at a new location.

November 2014 - Really like the Matterhackers white PLA, a dream to work with. Tried the PET+, looks promising but is stringy and 230 degrees is too hot for the  extruder. Will continue to investigate.  The design studio is functional but in a temporary location, a suite being prepared for the permanent location. 

October 2014 - Developed the capability to have a motion capture studio,  facial and hand gestures, in a volume the size of a bedroom or living room. It's machine vision technology coming to the palms. Moving to Blender, it's like an animation/game studio with every tool all in one package. Just received some PET+ filament, haven't tried it out yet. Making progress on the design studio.
Chinese retail 3D bio printer has been announced. Small functional organs, cartilage tissue and bio scaffolds, combined living tissue and polymers, cornea and blood vessels within 5 years.
3d bio printer

September 2014 -  Two more clients added. Looking for office space for the design studio, may have found one. Preparing for Hawaiicon panel., oh wow, this is going to be a blast. Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel was like being in a Maxfield Parrish painting, in the tropics.

August 2014 - Quite a month, tropical storm took the power out for a week, big interlude in 3D printing. Several projects going on. Starting a 3D design studio, already delivered pre-production prototype to client. Going to be on a panel at Hawaiicon in September.

July 2014 - Forget the polycarbonate build table or just cover it with Buildtak. That is what I am doing and the Buildtak sheet is a dream, solving so many problems. I am not affiliated with Buildtak, just a happy customer. They recommend not using any thing on it, and it works fine with  most PLA. ABS will still require an ABS slurry . The trick is a slight concentration for PLA and a thicker concentration for ABS. The part may be difficult to remove, use a razor paint scraper to gently find lift points, then work up to  spatula removal.

June 2014 - What happened to June?

May 2014 - Ended up trying to work with ABS for a whole month, no way to keep from curling, disk pads and all. Black and Blue ABS are strong, springy but very prone to curling. Grey ABS goes down like a dream but it is very brittle with not much strength. More on these later but found Buildtak and it seems to be excellent for PLA.

April 2014 - Too many things going on. The polycarbonate worked  for PLA but not for ABS and it warps with use. Also, a hot head on it will melt a hole and this is unavoidable. Looking for better table surface.

March 2014 - Had to go back to the mainland for a week, it was horrible. Almost forgot about it.

Feb. 2014 - Finding PLA sticking very well to ABS slurry-only on polycarbonate plate (Lexan).

Jan. 2014 - Starting to try out transparent polycarbonate as a build plate. It is appearing to be superb for PLA.